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Aug. 23rd, 2017 07:17 pm
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Memed from [personal profile] romanajo123:
Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom/pairing/moresome and I’ll tell you something about the story I’d write for that combination (i.e. write a snippet from the story or write not!fic or tell you the title and summary for the story I would write). List below the cut )
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So, on Sunday, I was all excited because my period wasn't due until after today's surgery date, right?

Guess what surprised me on Monday morning.

One last "FUCK YOU!" from my uterus. My department chair blames the eclipse, since it apparently wonked out many people's periods. Whatevs. At least the worst days are usually the first two. There's cramping and still some actual blood, not clumps of blood and tissue, but I can still have my operation on my period, so I'm dealing. By tonight, I don't have to worry about that ever again. EVER. AGAIN.

I am so beyond happy about that.

Also, people in the range of the eclipse on Monday - OMG was that not cool?! We weren't in the totality path, but we had about 82% totality. It was definitely worth the "instructional time" lost. It was so amazingly cool! The students were dismissed to the football field at 2 - if they had their safety release forms and approved eyewear (everything they wanted to use had to be signed off on by an earth science teacher for liability purposes). I had a few kids staying in my class, but we as a building had decided we'd stay behind and take turns going outside to look and managing the kids who were left. We ended up needing three rooms for the whole building's worth of kids without forms. I put the streaming feed on and had it projected on my whiteboard so the kids could watch.

I also had one student who had a form, signed and approved, but had left her glasses at home. So, when it was my turn to go look, I'd see for a half a minute or so, then go back inside and pass them along to her (these were given out by our science department, so I KNOW they're approved eyewear), so she could go see for a few seconds. I also let a couple of the substitute teachers borrow my glasses so they could go and take a look.

I'm kind of annoyed that my kids weren't as enamored with the experience as I was. A lot of them complained yesterday that it was "hot and kind of boring" to be out and watching the eclipse. I guess they're jaded? But, DUDE, the freaking moon cut us off from the sun!!! Fortunately, I had a few in each class who were excited by what they experienced on Monday. I even had a student from my last period class talk about their family's trip to Tennessee over the weekend so they could be in the path of totality. That, the class thought was cool. The way my student described it made it sound super cool.

So, I've got another hour in which I can drink what remains of my 4oz of water. Then, I'm done with ingesting things until post-op. We're leaving the house around 10:30, to be at the hospital at noon. It shouldn't take that long, but I'd rather be early than late. Surgery is currently scheduled for 2:30. I've done the two showers with the hibiclens stuff, I've kept away from the (delicious) green tea. I'm more than ready to get this over with. No more uterus. No more cancer. I'm done. Make them go away.

Four Items Become A Compilation Post

Aug. 21st, 2017 01:56 pm
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1, Brian Aldiss passed away in his sleep, after celebrating his 92nd birthday. May he rest in peace. He wrote “more than 80 books and was editor of 40 anthologies.”

Unfortunately, I have never read anything of his. I have always meant to read Frankenstein Unbound, since I enjoyed the 1990 adaptation. So I’ll have to try to do that sometime soon. He also wrote Dracula Unbound, which I was never certain about reading, having not heard the best reviews--but it’s on my list, too, now.

2. Today is Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation Day.

3. [personal profile] wyld_dandelyon is doing a tarot card reading, and the first card is free.

4. Whedonesque is shutting down after 15 years. I think I’ve followed that site via feed (first on LJ, and then here on Dreamwidth via [syndicated profile] whedonesque_feed; I’ll unsubscribe to it shortly) for at least a decade, if not longer.

Were it not for the Buffyverse, I never would have ventured into writing, in both fanfic and RPG's (I think Willow was the first character I wrote for in any RPG).
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1. Saw the Rifftrax Doctor Who event Thursday night. "Five Doctors" is one of my favorites, and it was hilarious hearing the Rifftrax gents give their commentary/jokes.

2. Got my long term sub set. They're coming tomorrow and Tuesday to shadow me.


4. Seeing my Anime Club on Friday seriously made my week. I miss all my students, but I miss that group most of all when I'm not in school. They are the best!

5. OMG there was a hot air balloon near our house today! We went outside to get a better look, and followed it out to the traffic light (then had to walk back home) to watch it attempt to find a landing site.

6. Getting NHS stuff squared away as best I can before I go. I've got some probation letters to fill in and print, and maybe some letters for application packets. We'll see how it goes. We've at least got the list of eligible students to send invites/applications to.

7. Fire Drill on Friday during the humidity = not fun.

8. Yesterday was Power Rangers Day. Marathon of Power Rangers. I'm seven episodes from the end of season one of Mighty Morphin. I started around episode 24 yesterday, I think. Seriously, I watched about 30 episodes. It was amazing and crazy and I never realized exactly how horribly everyone treats Bulk and Skull. I mean, yes, they're bullies, but the Rangers give as good as they get, if not more so. I'm getting tired of watching Bulk end up covered in whatever goo of the day he gets knocked into or hit with. But, oh, I'd forgotten how much I loved the buildup for Tommy & Kimberly. That first kiss was adorable.

9. One of my Anime Club kids went to a comic con this summer and bought me a Sailor Moon plushie - how sweet is that?! Definitely feel better going into this next week with Moon Power on my side.

10. My parents' anniversary was yesterday. 39 years together. Amazing! My sister and her husband went down to visit and spend the day, then cooked grandma dinner so mom and dad could go out by themselves for anniversary dinner. Have I mentioned how wonderful and thoughtful my sister is?

11. Cleaning is still a work in progress, but the state of the clutter is much better than this time last week. There's still 48 hours or so for me to be useful.

12. I looked ahead on my Clue app, and according to it, my next period is due to start on Friday. HA! Joke's on you, menstrual cycle. I won't have a uterus on Friday. Suck it.

13. I've secretly enjoyed watching the looks on my students' faces when, after they've asked exactly what's going to happen with my surgery, I tell them, "They're gonna punch holes in my abdomen! I'm imagining a hole-puncher going through skin to get to the guts and stuff!" Priceless. I also figure that if I'm upbeat and make gross jokes, they'll be less nervous. I've got a few who are really worried about me, and I don't want them to fret.

14. I love my job. I'm going to miss it dearly while I'm in recovery-mode. I don't want to be out of work for five weeks!

15. I've had green tea withdrawal. Can't have it because something in it could react poorly with anesthesia. Black tea doesn't react poorly, so I've been drinking that, but it's not the same. I cannot wait to have a glass of green tea again. I'm craving it.

Ecce! Epistula!

Aug. 13th, 2017 11:57 pm
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This weekend has been a busy one. Productive, a little stressful, but overall good.

Yesterday, we went out to the Green Valley Book Fair. I love the drive out - it's so pretty! The mountains are alive and lush, and the houses we see in the little towns and villages along the way are cute. What I don't love? How tired I get when I go to the GVBF. My stamina is not the best right now, but it's been difficult in visits past as well. Then again, it's like four separate rooms the size of a high school cafeteria full of books of all sorts - and I have to look through every aisle and shelf.

We picked up a bunch of books. I found some nonfiction I'm interested in reading, recced from the "Side Hustle School" podcast, and one by the Freakonomics guys. I also stocked up on coloring books, since they were pretty cheap, and I've got bedrest coming up. I don't want to run out of things to color! Coloring makes me happy and relaxed, so it'll be good for me when I'm recuperating. All told, we spent about $70 at the fair. If we'd paid MSRP, the total would have been about $270. Pretty sweet savings.

Today, I went into work. The building was open pretty much all day. I did the usual Sunday morning things, like talk to my mom (and heard all about the wonders of her hearing aid - I'm so glad it's working out for her!), then went in after lunch for about three hours. Downside? The AC isn't on during the weekends. So, I didn't do anything too strenuous. I did finish up some of the things I'll need for my student center bulletin board, and I climbed up on my stool to write out the meanings of all the Latin question words I have posted at the front of the room. That was the most-requested thing my kids mentioned on their exit cards last spring. And since I want them to focus on the content and understanding the content, I'm cool with that idea. I don't want them to misinterpret a question and thus give an incorrect answer. That's discouraging, even in English. I'm not directly quizzing or testing them on the question words - they come up in comprehension activities or conversations naturally.

I also got a bit more work done reverse-engineering something I bought on Teachers Pay Teachers. I found an amazing beginning of year reference booklet to glue inside a notebook, but it's in Spanish. The license doesn't allow for editing the original document, so I'm using it as inspiration for my own version. I needed to see how something like this was done so I could layout the necessary items myself and make something useful for my kids. I think I'm about halfway done with it thus far. The goal is to finish a lot of the "must copy for Wednesday" items tomorrow, print them at home with my awesome new ink subscription printer, and then do the copies first thing on Tuesday, so I'll have the day to organize them all.

I've been working since I got home, as well. Mostly nuts and bolts related to NHS, but some work on materials for class. I also need to set up the LMS for each class, and remake my content folders - I was lazy and didn't backup my organization and files from last year's classes in time, so they all got wiped off the LMS. I have all the materials still, and access to the video clips I'd embedded from youtube, but I have to remake the system and put it all back together.

Tomorrow is a late day, because of new student orientation, but I know the custodians will be in at normal time. So, my current plan is to wake up when I wake up, get my morning routine done, pack a lunch, and go. Up and out, but no alarm. I think that will give me the time I need in order to get the things done I need for the first few days by the time I see kids on Wednesday, no problem. Plus, if I go in early, it'll be like today, where there were very few of us in the building, and those who were there came to work. It's really easy to get distracted when your colleagues are around and popping in and out, or you see someone in the hall and stop to chat. Fewer people = more productivity.

Teacher Work Week Update

Aug. 11th, 2017 09:28 pm
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I am so happy to be back at work it isn't even funny. Even if I've had more meetings than in-classroom time so far, and even if I've accidentally dozed during some of those meetings. I'm noticing that sitting and just listening or watching wears me out very quickly. I need to be doing something while being lectured to or spoken at. Even if that thing is as simple as applauding at the right times.

All my colleagues have been super supportive of me and my health. We've almost got my long-term sub locked down. She's a known entity at the school, and has done long-term French before. Not sure if she knows any Latin, but she's familiar with our department, and she's good with maintaining a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning and working. If I leave clear enough plans, she should be fine. And my level 2 and 3 classes have kids that can help when it comes to explaining concepts.

We have building hours on Sunday, and I think I'm going to take advantage of them. Our principal told us today at lunch that he'd make sure our building was unlocked for us. Foreign Language is in a smaller building - we're kind of a hodge-podge of buildings on our campus. And, unlike the other buildings, ours isn't wired for access via badge yet. My wife thinks I should take advantage of the day, partially because she'd like the time at home to herself to do some cleaning. Neither of us are very good at doing housework when we're both at home at the same time. Plus, it's more time apart, and we both understand how important alone time is for us. Given that I'm going to be home for a month or so, and that she's taking three days off the week of my surgery so that I'm not by myself, just in case, we're going to have a lot of home time together.

Today was our benefits fair and convocation. We had to go to one of the other high schools in the county for it. I am very happy that one of the Latin teachers there let me hide in her room and work during the morning. I normally walk the benefits fair at least once, and try to get some testing done while I'm there (blood pressure, etc), but this year, I wasn't feeling it. Even when they were setting up still, it felt too crowded and loud. Convocation itself was crowded and loud, which is why I'm surprised I ended up dozing through parts of it. But, I'm starting to listen to my body better, and let myself have the little naps during presentations, because I needed to be social and up for lunch and post-convocation.

I've still got a few days before the students come back, and I'm pretty sure I'll get everything done that I need to for those first few days by the time my level 2 class strolls in on Wednesday. I've got this weekend and next to finalize my sub plans. I've met with my co-advisers for NHS, and am doing what I can now, before I'm out a month. And, as a wonderful surprise today, our German teacher offered - out of the blue - to take care of the Anime Club while I'm gone. He's willing to stay on Friday afternoons with my kids, and that is amazing. I still haven't told my officers yet - that's happening on Monday - but now, at least, I have their "emergency backup sponsor" set, and I don't have to ask them to go hunting for one, or ask them to postpone meetings till October. We have to hash out the details - is he coming to my room to supervise, or are the kids moving down to his room for four-five weeks? Is he cool with the 4pm end time, or do we want to shorten the meetings for the first month or so? I need to introduce him to the officers as well. I've got a good group, and they'll be able to handle running the club and the activities, so it shouldn't be too much of a burden on him. Still, the offer, freely given, was probably the best thing about today.